30 May 2022

Ethel Florence Wilhelmina Hill's Autograph Book - Signatures

image of autograph book title page

Ethel's Mamma - Annie Connor Hill - gave her daughter an autograph book on her seventh birthday, 14 September 1886. The book, signed by Ethel's mother, was also signed by her father, William McPherson Hill, and her sister (my great grandmother), Mabel Georgiana Manderson Hill - age four at the time. I treasure my great grandparents' thoughtful autographs. What about the sixty other signatures? 

Who autographed Ethel's book?

The friends and classmates who autographed Ethel's book were in Revere and Somerville, Massachusetts. Did your relative or ancestor sign? Let me know in the comments. I will send a high-resolution image of their autograph. 

Mamma - Annie Connor Hill, Somerville, MA – 14 Sept 1886
"Ethel F.W. Hill
With Mamma's love on her 7th birth-day."

Mr. M. Connor, Boston, MA – 6 Apr 1891

Mamma - Annie Connor Hill – 8 Feb 1891
"Sow an act and you reap a habit,
Sow a habit and you reap a character,
Sow a character and you reap a destiny."

Papa - William McPherson Hill – 14 Sept. 1886
“I live for those that love me,
For those that know me true,
For the heaven that smiles above me,
And waits my coming too.
For the cause that needs assistance,
For the wrongs that need resistance,
For the future in the distance,
For the good that I can do.”

Edna Van Vorst, Revere, MA – 15 Jan. 1891
“Your true friend”

Mamie Weaver – 1 Jan 1889
“Roses red, violets blue, 
Sugar sweet, and so are you.”

Marion Kimball, Revere, MA – 14 Nov 1889
“Your friend, for-get-me-not [corners]”

Herbert M. Hale, Somerville, MA – 8 Oct 1887
May 30 [bottom right corner]

Notes: Herbert Miller Hale was born 3 May 1882 at Boston to Ezra Hale and Margaret.

Herbert Miller Hale, birth, 3 May 1882, image of registration. 

Alice I. Connell, Revere, MA – 15 Nov 1889
“Your Friend,”

Grace E. Whitaker, Northboro, MA – 19 Jul 1887
(Mar 13th)[lower left corner]

Notes: Grace Elsie Whitaker of Northboro was born 13 March 1879 at Northborough to Nat Whitaker and Elsie H. Hawes. Her birth record: https://www.ancestry.com/discoveryui-content/view/287676:5062

image of birth registration of Grace Elsie Whitaker
Grace Elsie Whitaker, birth, 13 March 1879, image of registration.
Florence L. Eaton, Winthrop Ave., Revere, MA – 15 Jan 1891
“Your true friend, for-get-me-not [four corners]

Arthur L. Hale, Somerville, MA – 8 Oct 1887
Jan 13 [lower right corner]

Notes: Arthur Laroy Hale was born 13 January 1874 at Amesbury, MA, to Ezra Hale and Margaret Miller. https://www.ancestry.com/discoveryui-content/view/7403751:5062

Arthur Laroy Hale, birth, 13 January 1874, image of registration. 

Alice G. Dixon, Revere, MA – 19 Nov 1889
“Some write for love,
Some write for fain [sic],
But I write simply
To sign my name.
Your Friend.”

Alice G. Hale, Somerville, MA – 8 Oct 1887
June 13 [lower right corner]

Notes: Alice Gertrude Hale was born 13 June 1885 to Ezra Hale and Martha. https://www.ancestry.com/discoveryui-content/view/1175844:5062 
Alice Hale, birth, 13 June 1885, image of registration. 

Lillian Haskell, Revere, MA – 14 Jan 1890
“To Ethel, Trust many, love few, 
And always paddle your own canoe.”

Lillie Dow, Revere, MA – 10 Dec 1888
“Live truly, and thy life shall be
A great and noble creed.
Your friend”

Michael Burke, Crescent Beach – 14 Jan 1891
“Your friend.”

Nattie B. Wisdom, Somerville, MA – 27 May 1887
“Your loving friend.”

Marion Eaton, Revere, MA – 14 Nov 1889
“Your friend.”

Clara Amazeen, Revere, MA – 14 Nov 1889
“Your loving friend. For-get-me-not [4 corners]”

M.E. Ronan, Revere, MA – 28 May 1890
“Your friend and schoolmate. For-get-me-not.” 

Notes: This may be the autograph of Margaret E. Ronan, born 12 Mar 1876 at Roxbury to Jeremiah F. Ronan and Margaret E. Doherty, who died of tuberculosis on 12 Nov 1895 at Revere. 

Index for birth/baptismal record: https://search.ancestry.com/collections/61585/records/131300284 

Revere death record on Ancestry: https://www.ancestry.com/discoveryui-content/view/4352206:2101
Margaret E. Ronan, death, 12 November 1895, image of registration.

Bessie L. Wisdom, Somerville, MA – [undated]
“Your loving friend.”

Minnie Patch, Revere, MA – 15 Nov 1889
“Your friend.”

Wendell S. Colcord, Revere, MA – 14 Sep 1889

Harry Powers – 15 Jan 1890
“Your Friend.”

Wm Calvert, Boston, MA – 23 Sep 1888
“May your lot in life be tranquil
   May you never have a foe
Ne’er may grief your bosom rankle
  May you never sorrow know.
Yours sincerely.”

Mattie A. Dixon – 19 Nov 1889
“To Daisy, 
May your pleasure ever spread
Like butter on hot ginger bread.
Your Friend.”

Grace Doworth [sp?], Revere, MA – 9 Oct 1887
“Your friend.”

Fannie A. Baker, Revere, MA – 30 Jan 1890

Georgie N. Fuller, Revere, MA – 11 Dec 1888

Sarah E. Woodbury, Revere, MA – 15 Nov 1889
“Life is a short day, but
It is a working day.
Your friend.”

Lucy A. Hall, Cambridgeport [neighborhood in Cambridge]; Revere, MA – 24 Sep 1888

Edith Milliken, Revere, MA 
“Let not our friendship be like the rose, to sever
But like the ever-green, may it last forever.”

Ethel Patch, Revere, MA – 14 Nov 1889
“Your loving friend.”

Florence Richards, Revere, MA
“Do to others as you would.
That they should do to you.
Your Friend.”

Lillian M. Sancrie, Crescent Beach, Revere, MA – 10 Feb 1889
“When you are old and cannot see,
  Put on your specs and think of me.
Your playmate.”

Grace F. Willard, Revere, MA – 20 Jan 1890
“Your loving friend. For-get-me-not.”

Carrie B. Morse, Charlestown, MA – Revere, 15 Aug 1889

Florence E. Haskell, Revere, MA – 14 Jan 1891

Sadie Perry – 15 Nov 1888
“A good name is better
than great riches.
Your friend.”

Mabel Hill, age 4 years, Revere, MA
“Your Sister.”

Mabel Conquest, Revere, MA – 24 Jul 1889

Maud Melanson, Revere, MA – 6 Nov 1890
“Your Friend.”

Ida L. Venables – 14 Nov 1889
“Around me shall hover 
in sadness or glee
Till life’s dream is over
Sweet memories of thee.
Your Friend.”

Grace A. Marble, Revere, MA – 30 Jan 1890
“What is in a name?
Your friend.”

Guy H. Gibbs, Boston, MA – 22 Sep 1888

Mary L. Holland, Revere, MA – 6 Feb 1890
“Very truly your friend.”

F.M. Roberts, Crescent Beach [Revere], MA – 3 Mar 1893
“Ever be happy
And mind your Grandpapy.”

Pauline Fontain – 6 Nov 1890
“Remember the Miss.
That scribbled this.
Your true friend.”

Wm Hepburn – 16th Jul 1889
“Whilst voices found around thee blend
And wishes thee joys that know no end
An earnest greeting, I would send
And breathe a loving prayer
Oh, thornless may life’s roses be
And bright thy patch of Summer Sea,
May every hope most dear to thee
Be granted to thy share. 

Howard Smith – 14 Jan 1891
“If you wish to laugh,
Glance at my autograph.”

Frank McDonald, Revere, MA
“Some like one, and some like two,
I like one, and that is you.”

Albert P. Gillies, Revere, MA – 14 Jun 1890

Winifred Tutein, Revere, MA – 26 May 1890
“Your friend. For-get-me-not.”

Ethel Gordon, Revere, MA – 26 May 1890
“Your friend.”

Maggie Rhodes, Revere, MA – 26 May 1890
“Your friend.”

Molly Segee [sp?], Revere, MA

Helen Shay, Crescent Beach, Revere, MA – 29 Jan 1890
“May all your path be strewn with roses
And none of your children have pug noses.
Your schoolmate.”

C.S. Wing (De Voe), Revere, MA 
“When you get married and drinking tea
Think of that saying remember me.”

Theresa Myer
“When you are married, and your baby is cross
Come over to my my house and I will give you some apple sauce.
Your Friend.”

Lillian E. Wright, Revere, MA – 5 Nov 1890
“May friendship and truth,
Be with you in youth,
And catnip and sage
Cheer up your old age.
Your schoolmate.”

Aidna W. Gay, Revere, MA – 30 Jan 1890
“May your voyage through life
Be as happy and free
As the sparkling waves
Of the dark blue sea.
Your friend.”

Daisy Munro, Revere, MA – 28 May 1890
“Your Friend. For-get-me-not.”

Andrew Josselyn, Revere, MA

Jennifer Shoer aka Scrappy Gen
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11 October 2016

Poland: Target Wisła River

Poland has been on my genealogy wish list for years. 

In My Genealogy Sabbatical Year, I wished for two months in Poland and Germany. I feel lucky that I was able to spend two weeks there.

Lake Radyszyn
Target: Vistula River (Wisła in Polish)

I hoped to stay near the Wisła River. My ancestors lived in various small towns along the river between Włocławek and Płock. I wanted to feel what it felt like to be there. The Gostynin-Włocławek Landscape Park, a beautiful post-glacial area, absorbed many of the towns. The land and its' beauty remains. 

Ancestral Locations on Vistula River
Research Location #1: Płock or Włocławek?

Since my last posting about finding genealogical records in Poland, I have found evidence of ancestors in several more towns. Most of these ancestral towns, are part of Powiat Włocławski in the Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodeship. These towns belonged to the Nowa Wieś Lutheran parish. Nowa Wieś is just south of the border of Powiat Włocławsk in Powiat Płocki in the Masovian Voivodeship.  When it was active the Nowa Wieś Lutheran parish encompassed 36 towns and villages. Our first research stop will be the Płock archive

Research Tip: Carefully examine ancestral locations over time to determine which government or religious body created the records when your ancestor lived. 

A River View

We found a fantastic hotel right on the river in Płock; Hotel Tumski. It is less than a block from the archives. Our guide, Zbigniew, picked us up at the Warsaw airport and brought us straight there. PolishOrigins had planned research for the first day, but I knew we would all need a break. Plus, our cousin, Erwin, would be coming from Potsdam, Germany, in the evening to meet and join us in our ancestral quest. We did not want to leave him out of the fun.

Research on!
Jennifer Shoer aka Scrappy Gen

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Let's Remember together! Visit my business page to learn how to hire me in 3 easy steps to help you find and reconnect with your ancestors and family. 

My Genealogy Sabbatical Year
Gostynin-Włocławek Landscape Park
Using Google Maps to Find Genealogical Records
Płock Archives
Płock Evangelical Lutheran and Catholic Indexing Project
Polish Archival Resources for Nowa Wieś
Search Polish Archives

04 October 2016

Poland: Hiring a Genealogy Tour Guide

As you know my parents invited me on their trip to Germany. They added a side trip to Poland where I could research in the Polish archives. My Mom wanted to stand on the land where our ancestors lived. I felt prepared for a research trip to Poland. I knew our family surnames and previous residences. I had exhausted all online, FamilySearch and U.S. record groups. I also knew the record groups to review at the archives and which records I was hoping to find. For example, my great grandparents birth records from 1891 and 1895.

Here is the catch. I do not speak Polish. I can usually recognize names/surnames in Polish handwriting in genealogical records, but speaking, writing or even sounding out Polish is beyond my capability. What does a good genealogist do when she does not have a needed skill to complete a project (and I didn't have enough time/years to learn Polish)? Just like you, we hire someone. 

Over the last year, I have become familiar with the website and company, PolishOrigins. Their online strength is their active forum. I posted a marriage record there and it was translated by one of their kind volunteers. Then an unknown cousin from Connecticut contacted me because the record was for our shared 4x great grandparents. Boom. Just like that. A new cousin (connection) is born. :)

Zbigniew at the Płock archives.
PolishOrigins is a registered tour operator. They travel to Poland and nearby countries that have been part of Poland. My new cousin, who had been using PolishOrigins for longer than I have, encouraged me to hire them to guide us on our research trip to Poland. I did and we were all happy to have Zbigniew, their chief genealogy guide to assist us on our journey into the past. 

PolishOrigins was extremely flexible with our planning. September is their busiest season, but Zbigniew fit us 
between a big trip to Belarus and his next client. While with us, he gave us his full attention and energy to our family. It was super hectic as we had only two full days to accomplish so much, but he kept us on task and going forward. Sometimes he even let us have a coffee break. Zbigniew is a typical genealogist. Finding the records and the places and the people are more important than sleeping or eating. Although, sometimes I like to eat. And sleep. But he and my parents (Remember those rocket to Mars travelers?) kept telling me that I would have time on the train to sleep and eat. And I did. 

I highly recommend Zbigniew and PolishOrigins. My husband and I already plan to go back in two years for the IAJGS 2018 Jewish genealogy conference in Warsaw. Did I tell you that all we did in Warsaw was get off a plane and then onto a train after three days? I don't even like to think about everything I missed. I start to get anxiety. Anyway, Zbigniew insists that we must go first to Kraków before the conference because there is an amazing Jewish festival there every summer. It makes me happy to hear that Jewish life is flourishing in places where it had been obliterated. It is clear that Zbigniew loves Kraków and Poland and his job. 

I wonder if I could learn to speak Polish in two years...

Research on!

Jennifer Shoer aka Scrappy Gen

Let's Remember!

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