Disclosure Statement

Readers Should Ask and Bloggers Should Tell: Disclosure Statement

The Scrappy Genealogist is a blog written by Jennifer Shoer.

She has not received any compensation for writing this blog.

In the event that she does receive compensation for any blog content, that will be clearly indicated.

If you or your company would like The Scrappy Genealogist to review your product or service, let her know. She will always give a fair, thorough and unbiased opinion.

There are links embedded within some of Scrappy Gen's posts directing you to product pages at Amazon.com. Jennifer Shoer is registered as an affiliate there under the code name spectacularkids (so named because of her three awesome kids). If you buy one of these products through one of these links, then she will receive a percentage of the sale.

If you ever have any questions, comments or concerns, please send your email to jshoer [at] jenalygen [dot] com. 

30 Sep 2011 Update: Currently adding some ads to the site. Not sure if anything will come of it, but if it does, I will let my readers know about it. 

30 Oct 2011 Update: I have affiliate links with the following companies. If a company is listed it means I personally use and recommend their product. If you purchase through one of the links I will receive a percentage of the sale. 

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