Bailey - Connecticut
Brainard - England to Connecticut - 1600s
Brisk - Latvia to Michigan - early 1900s
Brumley - Connecticut
Burr - Massachusetts
Burrell/Burrill - to Weymouth, Massachusetts - before 1800
Clift - Mystic, Connecticut
Connor - Unknown (possibilities: Northern Ireland, Scotland, England)
Derby - Connecticut
Feldman - Russia to New York, NY to Providence, RI
Ginter/Guenther - Prussia to Bristol, CT - early 1900s
Grace - Kilkenny, Ireland to Ste Columban, Quebec to Duxbury, Vermont to New York City to Bristol, CT (Catholic)
Green - Massachusetts
Griswold - Connecticut
Hammond - Rhode Island to Connecticut
Hinckley - Maine 
Kennedy - Kilkenny, Ireland 
Kiesel - Prussia to Bristol, Connecticut
Lamb - Connecticut
Langert - Russia
Lincoln - Massachusetts
McEvoy - Kilkenny, Ireland 
Millett - Maine & Massachusetts
Murtaugh/Murtagh/Murtha - Old Ballynacargy, County West Meath, Ireland to New York City - circa 1850
Palmer - Connecticut
Ponce - Russia to Providence, RI 
Reid/Ried/Read/Reed - Ireland (Catholic)
Shochet/Shoer - Lithuania to Latvia to Cambridge, Mass to Michigan - early 1900s
Smith - Ireland to New Britain, Conn - mid to late 1800s (Catholic)
Smith, Edward Henry aka Bubba
Springer - Maine to Massachusetts
Staples - Connecticut
Stone/Stocklissky - Pilpishkey, Russia to Boston, Mass to Lynn, Mass 
Sumberg - Pilpishkey, Russia to Boston, Mass
Tiffany - Connecticut
Travers - Ireland (Catholic)
Wiley - Farranlessary, Ballymoney, Antrim, Northern Ireland

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