14 October 2010

1976 April Moving Photo Edits

Let's take a look at the photo from my very first post yesterday. I took this picture with what was probably my second camera and most likely a 110 film camera. I scanned the picture using the Epson Perfection 4490 Photo Scanner at 600dpi. The scanned picture looks pretty close the the original.  I am happy that the scanner did such a great job scanning the photo, but I would like to repair the clearly visible damaged areas. 

I use Adobe Photoshop Lightroom for most of my photo edits, however these spots are pretty big, so I opened the photo in Adobe Photoshop Elements. Using the Clone Stamp tool, I quickly cloned areas near the spots and stamped over them, effectively hiding them. 

The other damaged areas I wanted to correct are shown below. If you double click on the picture, you can view a larger image.

I used the clone stamp tool in Elements again to cover up the orange areas and to draw in more window trim on the right hand window. The final result isn't perfect, but at least I have eliminated the glaring flaws.

Finally I decided to take the photo back into Lightroom to adjust the color slightly. I didn't want to edit it so much that it took away the 1970s feel, but I wanted the house to look a little more green and a little less purple. Here is the final result. 

That looks more like my house! Still miss it.

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  1. Jennifer - You are really good at this! I use Photoshop Elements but I have not used Lightroom. I do use Aperture sometimes thought which works pretty well too.


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