18 October 2010

GeneaBloggers Saves Newbies

Blogging for newbies...that's me…there is help for us out there in cyberspace! Last night I connected with an online blogging community called GeneaBloggers. The founder and owner, Thomas MacEntee, sent me an email suggesting that I add a Followers link as well as the GeneaBloggers badge to my blog and sent me to the GeneaBloggers website to learn how to do it. Lo and behold, the site offers a resource page as well as Bootcamp for GeneaBloggers and I have started working my way through the helpful topics. Thank you GeneaBloggers for offering this supportive website!

One of the aids that GeneaBloggers offers is a group of daily blogging themes. There are so many family stories, hunts and finds I am excited to share, but where to start? Blogging themes appeal to me as a good starting point. Today is Monday and so my blog post later today will relate to the theme, Military Monday.


  1. Thanks for the shoutout! One of the nice things about the Follow gadget, is you can then share the link to the blog with your Facebook friends as well as your Twitter followers.

  2. The group is really supportive and helpful.


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