04 November 2010

Footnote Friday Arrives at a Blog Near You

Did you wonder what I was doing today when I posted Photo Clues for Genealogical Success? I am talking about those bright red footnote notes scattered throughout the text. Did you think it was a little odd? 
The notes were a little odd, but I am here to tell you to put your concerns aside. Tomorrow I am starting what I hope might be a blog theme that others will embrace. It's called Footnote Friday. Every Friday I plan to post a genealogical summary of research and include footnotes! The exclamation point is to emphasize the notion that including footnotes, documenting your sources and telling others where they can find backup documentation supporting your research is a challenging exercise. It’s a challenge, but it is one I plan to embrace, on Fridays, of course.

Will you join me?
Scrappy Gen

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