14 November 2010

Genealogical Serendipity or Supernatural Occurrence

Bubba was Irish and that may explain it. We grew up hearing anecdotes about souls, who had passed, communicating with those still living in the physical world. There was never a question of whether or not a connection to the spiritual world existed, it just did. It was certainly a comfort to grow up believing our ancestors were watching over us.

This history is why I was not all that surprised by what happened yesterday. Several weeks ago, I had decided to learn more about Bubba’s service on a PT Boat during World War II. I mentioned here having a patch with a rabbit that Bubba had given me. The patch represented his PT Boat Squadron. Wanting to share it with you, I searched through all of my treasure boxes and memorabilia files but could not find it anywhere.

I called my sister, who also had one of the patches, and she agreed to send it to me for scanning as long as I immediately returned it, which I did. Fast forward to yesterday and suddenly, sitting on my back hall counter was the patch. Had it fallen out of the bag for my sister? A call to my sister revealed that she was in possession of her patch. I knew I had put my patch away with my family treasures for safe keeping. How had it appeared on my counter? Did Bubba put it there?

A skeptic could easily explain away my discovery, but a skeptic I am not. I am partly Irish after all. 

Bubba, thank you for letting us know you are around. We love you and miss you, especially today, your birthday. Happy Birthday!

Scrappy Genny
(Bubba always called me Jenny.)

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