30 November 2010

Military Monday–Searching for Bubba’s PT Boat Part 2

My sister and I found two photos in the stash at my parent’s home on our visit home for an early Thanksgiving with Bubba’s descendants on Sunday. We dove into the stacks looking for photos from Bubba’s time on the PT boat. One of the photos shows PT 163 and must have been ordered from PT Boats,Inc..

PT 368002
If Bubba was in indeed a member of PT RON 23, then this is not a photo of his boat. PT RON 23 encompassed PTs 241-244 and 277-288.

This is the other photo we found. It is hard to make out, but shows PT 328. See my photo edit here.
PT 368
Bubba may or may not have taken this photo, but I am betting on the fact that he did because he brought his camera everywhere and taught my sister and me to do the same. The photo I have is an old blow up. Someday I hope to go through the literally thousands of slides we have to see if he kept the original. Meanwhile, my Aunt will be looking through the photo stash at her house for photos taken on his boat with his crew mates. My secret wish is that the boat number will be visible in one of the pictures she finds.

Happy Hunting!

Scrappy Gen

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