04 November 2010

Scrappy Genealogist Learns to Blog

Blogging daily Monday through Friday is my goal. This week has found me woefully short of my mark. Perhaps it will be a good idea to write posts in advance to be filled in when life gets in the way. If you are a genealogy blogger (or a blogger on any subject for that matter) and have been doing this for a while, do you do this, or do you use a different strategy altogether? 

Thank you!

Scrappy Gen


  1. Good question - I couldn't survive on some of my blogs without pre-posting. I do this mostly for GeneaBloggers but I wish I were more disciplined for my personal genealogy blog.

    One suggestion is something all bloggers tend to use and it is taken from the newspaper and magazine publishing business: an editorial calendar.

    Basically take the month of November, highlight the days you want to post and the type of post. Also don't forget holidays like Veterans Day, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, etc. Then sketch out some blog titles and enter them. This gives you a framework for the month - you can then prepost them.

  2. Thank you for the practical advice that I will most certainly follow! My husband, who writes an IT blog on top of running his business, also found it helpful. I see some new calendars hanging on our walls soon.


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