02 December 2010

Latkes in Germany and Happy Hanukkah!

Everywhere we went in Germany, they were kind enough to offer latkes. These pretty babies we ate in Butzbach:

Well, they weren't exactly called latkes, they were called kartoffelpuffer, or potato pancakes. But if it looks like a latke, smells like a latke and tastes like a latke, then it's a latke! I lost track of how many times we ate these. Let's just say, I am very glad that we had to walk a lot, or my scale would have been very unhappy with me. We usually had the kartoffelpuffer with applesauce, but they offered them with numerous topping choices, including lox and sour cream. Oh, oily delight, how I miss you. 

If you celebrate Hanukkah, I hope you enjoy a wonderful eight nights! With our oldest home for a quick visit from college, we lit the first candle last night.

Scrappy Gen

Genealogical Connection: What did your ancestors eat for their holiday? How does it differ from your celebration today?


  1. I love latkes with applesauce and also with sour cream! We love to make my husband turn up his nose while we eat them with ketchup. It drives him crazy (which is reason enough for my daughter to do it!) I have to admit that I love them but secretly hate how they make my kitchen smell after I've made them. Any tips?

  2. Me too, applesauce first, sour cream second, cinnamon and sugar third. Ketchup I haven't tried, but why wouldn't it be good? Latkes are just big round french fries aren't they.

    The smell...well there is nothing we can do about that. The worst is when you wander downstairs the next morning and smell it. Yuck! Maybe burning a nice evergreen candle afterward would work?


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