14 December 2010

Tombstone Tuesday - Jacob Shoer

This is the Sons of Jacob Cemetery located in the Danvers Jewish Cemetery complex at 16 Buxton Road in Danvers, Massachusetts.

This is the building attached to the cemetery:

It doesn't look as if a funeral has been held there recently.

This is the row where the tombstone in question is located:

I should have counted when I was there, but it looks to be about six graves up on the right against the fence:

This is the grave of my husband's Great Grandfather, Jacob. This grave lists his Hebrew name as Yehuda son of Yitzchak. Of course, when Jacob came to America, he gave his Yiddish name, Yudel. 

Gravestones give vital clues in Jewish Genealogy, almost always listing a father's first name, although not always correctly. My husband's Grandmother (Bubbie) and her sisters list different names for their father. Did they have different fathers, or did Bubbie forget her father's name? That would be a good mystery to tell you about next Tombstone Tuesday!

Scrappy Gen

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