01 January 2011

101st Carnival of Genealogy - Genealogical Goodness in 2011 - My Genealogy Research/Writing Plan for 2011

Maybe I need to grow up some more. Perhaps everyone has this problem. Plans make me want to do the opposite of what is written in them. They make me want to rebel and do anything else. Eat cookies. Read a book. Even do laundry. Is this weird?
If I make a genealogy research/writing plan for 2011, the subject of the 101st Carnival of Genealogy hosted by Jasia at Creative Gene (Thank you, Jasia!), will I be setting myself up to fail? I’m feeling anxious. Anything I put in my plan should be things I am strongly motivated to do like eating cookies, reading books and well, maybe not doing laundry. What else am I strongly motivated to do in 2011? My list (okay plan if you must) of genealogy goals is called Genealogical Goodness in 2011. I wrote about my genealogical goodness in 2010 here. Who doesn’t like goodness? It has a nice ring to it. Nice rings are motivating. So is good music or a good book on your iPod. Oops, off subject. Back to the list (I mean plan). 

Genealogical Goodness in 2011

WRITING: Practice, practice, practice. This is one of the main reasons you started The Scrappy Genealogist. Keep doing it, daily if possible. Use your brand new At-a-Glance outlink planner to write and post ahead.

EDUCATION: One thing I know for sure is that I have a lot to learn. I started writing about this topic here. In 2011 I am going to take classes through the National Genealogical Society, starting with the online course American Genealogy Special Topics Series: Working with Deeds and then beginning on the American Genealogy: Home Study Course. Some of the material will be a review from the Boston University Certificate course I took in 2009, but there is a lot on the syllabus that will be new for me.

RESEARCH: Hoped for goodness:
1.   Identify the siblings and parents of Sarah BRISK SHOER of Riga or    Waldenruda, Livland (Latvia).
2.   Identify the parents of Alvin BURRELL of Weymouth, MA.
3.   Determine if any of Bubba’s SMITH half siblings are still living or have descendants.

MEMBERSHIPS: Branching out.
1.   Complete and submit DAR application. This hinges on successfully identifying the parentage of Alvin BURRELL. Start attending meetings of the local DAR chapter, Ranger.
2.   Join and get involved with the New England chapter of the Association of Professional Genealogists.

CONFERENCES: There are three I wish to attend.
6-10 April 2011 Springfield, MA
11-14 May 2011 Charleston, SC
14-19 Aug 2011 Washington, DC

PHOTOS: This job is as good as eating cookies.
1.   Review personal 2011 photos. Purge rejects. Label all folders. Choose favorites, print and put in storage binders.
2.   Take Jessica Sprague’s online Family History Album Class 1.  
3.   Scan photos at cousin Lisa’s in Colorado.
4.   Scan photos at cousin Suzie’s in Florida.
5.   Continue scanning Bubba’s printed photos.
6.   Make a plan for scanning and archiving Bubba’s slides.

ORGANIZATION: Thinking of going through Dear Myrtle’s monthly organizational challenges from 2009. I saved them on my computer, but never did them. Anyone else like to join me? Breaking news! Just saw that Dear Myrtle is updating them for 2011!!! Click here for January 2011. Thank you Dear Myrtle!

That’s my wish list of genealogical goodness for 2011. Hopefully I filled it with enough cookies. I have really enjoyed reading everyone’s lists. This was a great exercise.

Happy New Year!

Scrappy Gen


  1. I saw Dear Myrtle's new list today, also, and added it to my list. I probably won't do everything she says, but if I do one or two things every month, that will be progress.

    Good luck in 2011!

  2. Just read through the January checklist. I had forgotten how helpful it was. Myrt is the reason I have my surnames organized in binders with all records for each individual behind their individual tab.

    Thanks for the comment Tonia! Good luck to you too!

  3. It was GREAT meeting you in Second Life tonight! Ol' Myrt here looks forward to getting to know you better as we attempt to become ORGANIZED!

  4. I'm willing to join you in the challenge. It was nice meeting you in SL. Hopefully I'll see you at future chats. I sent you a SL friend request. If you need any SL help, don't hesitate to ask. Bye for now.

  5. Once I got dressed and sat down, Second Life was a lot of fun. I highly recommend it. Might have to blog about the experience. It was nice meeting you too Myrt and Family.

  6. Jennifer, it sounds like an ambitious list :) I wish you the best. As far as Burrell, I assume you have looked at "The Burrell/Burrill genealogy"
    by Ruth Burell-Brown, Gateway Press, 1990. You can probably borrow that through inter-library loan.

    J at CH

  7. Thank you Janice. I have used the Burrell/Burrill genealogy. It places Alvin as the child of Robert and Salome (Reed), but I still need the elusive 'proof'. His death record in Weymouth, MA lists his parents as Robert and Nancy (no maiden name).


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