29 January 2011

Bubba's Slides - Part 1 - Elephant in My Closet

That's right, there is an elephant in my closet. I keep pushing him back in and he keeps bulging back out.

Two weekends ago, I spent the long weekend viewing and sorting Bubba's slides with my sister. I had long anticipated this event  because I love old pictures, the possibility of finding a treasure and time spent with Mary. Plus, she had whetted my appetite for this task even further by sending a selection of 250 slides to be digitized in December as I mentioned here

Here's the thing, I should have listened to my little sister. She said we couldn't go through all of them in one weekend, and she was right. Even for two photo junkies, like us, trying to go through almost 10,000 slides in one weekend was too big of an undertaking. Believe it or not, we did almost finish, but we ended the weekend with frayed nerves, started off the next week exhausted, burnt out and not wanting to EVER look at another slide again. I went back to New Hampshire with my tail between my legs and a big lesson learned.

We have roughly 10 carousels of 160 slides each left to view. This is an amount doable in a weekend. I have some advice from this experience to share with you over the next week, plus an exciting offer to share from FotoBridge, the company that my sister used. Stay tuned. 

Happy Saturday!

Scrappy Gen

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