08 January 2011

Genealogy Organization - January Photo Challenge - Just a Slice

Nervous about sharing a before photo of your messy desktop? Don't be, we're all friends here and no one will judge you on my blog! It seems even one of the greats is nervous. You can read about that here. Be sure to read the comments.

This challenge is supposed to be fun and practical. I must admit that seeing a photo of the mountain that used to be my desk has been good motivation. Here is some encouragement for you to take that picture, no matter how painful it may be. This is a slice of my desk. The whole pie will be shown at the end of January.

Ooh, I just had an ah ha moment. Don't overwhelm yourself. Work on your desk one 'piece' at a time. I know, dumb joke, but I never said I was a comedian. :)

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend and happy organizing!

Scrappy Gen


  1. I like this challenge and wish you luck. The problem for me is that I could get my desk organized today and two weeks from now, it would look the same. I have what you might call a boomerang desk.

  2. Ol' Myrt's desk is so bad, she just MOVED OUT... actually we have moved downtown to attend Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy. This clean dining room table in our time share is quite amazing -- beautiful oak, chairs without piles of photocopies, or books yet to read and review.

    Maybe the REAL clue is to just MOVE?

    Thanks for sharing!


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