26 January 2011

Wordless Wednesday - Zayde Shoer - What a handsome guy!

This gentleman may not have been as pretty as his future bride, Sarah, but he certainly was handsome. 

Possibly I am biased. This is a picture of M.J. at about the same age:

Do you see the resemblance?

Just remembered this is supposed to be a wordless post. Oops! Please forgive me. I'll be quiet now.



  1. Hallo Jennifer,

    I love the pics and there is a very strong resemblance between the two handsome guys!!

    Shhh! don't say anything, but I usually add words to my Wordless Wednesdays as well. ;-)

    Kind regards,

    Christine (rootsresearcher)

  2. Christine, Thanks for bringing a smile to my face on this dreary January morn!


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