07 February 2011

Military Monday - Postcards from Bubba the Sailor Man

According to his enlistment papers, on the second of March, 1944, Bubba became a reserve member of the United States Navy. His first child was just a toddler and he was deeply in love with his beautiful, blond wife, my grandmother. How heart wrenching it must have been to leave them.

Bubba always told us he hated school and didn't do well, but in his postcards home, his writing clearly conveys his myriad of feelings across these many years. This postcard is from his first full day as a member of the United States Navy.

     Dear Ruth.
     am writing this from the U.S.O. Lounge
     of the New Haven R.R. Station. Time is
5.55 - we leave about 6:30 for Sampson. at
the recruiting office there was a Marine Sargent
and he said he had a quota to fill and some of us
were it. He picked several fellows who
thought they were going in the navy and put them
in the marines. For awhile I sweated bullets. 
After that we went out and ate dinner which the Navy
Paid for; and also went to the show for half price. The Navy
gave us a slip showing us to be Navy Personell[sic]and we got in

   FROM Edward H.Smith
        U.S. Navy
on that. Then we went back and
got our supper tickets. After supper
we went bowling. I bowled 70
Pretty low huh! From the windows
here as I write I can see the sound
it is very beautiful. I'm with those
two brothers Mom knows John + Joe.
I'm feeling fine now after the
goodbye's and sech [sic]! Don't worry!
take care of yourself and Sharon.
They have treated us swell so far
               all my love  Eddie 

[postmarked] 3 NEW HAVEN
               MAR 3
               11 AM

[addressed] Ruth G. Smith
            197 King St.
            Bristol, Conn.

Bubba's own words about his first full day away from home and officially in the Navy stand for themselves, so I will leave it at that

Scrappy Gen
Let's Remember!


  1. I loved this! The picture really pulled at my heart. Our family also has some touching stories of WWII sacrifice, and I agree that it's important not to let those stories be lost through the years.

  2. Thank you LBB! I appreciate your feedback. :)

  3. Those are great. I loved reading them. Thanks,
    Theresa (tangled trees)


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