25 February 2011

Procrastination Finally Pays Off! - The National Genealogical Society Gets Hip

Don't tell me that the National Genealogical Society is a stuffy institution. Ann Christnacht Hilke, CG and President, announces in her NGS Magazine message this month that the society is poised to expand their educational offerings and that "the board plans to try new ways of delivering our courses using new technology." She further states that they "are experimenting with technology to make our courses interactive." Cool! In order to make this plan come to fruition they have appointed Jordan Jones to the board. What a great move. Jordan Jones is "senior software development manager for content management services at Cisco Systems". Talk about genealogy and technology converging.

This is good news for me and the many others, who would like to take the NGS American Genealogy: Home Study Course, which is currently only available on CD. Pursuing this course and their Working With Deeds course is in my big goals for 2011 plan. CDs are good, but online is better and interactive is best. CDs are 1995. Online and interactive is 2011.

For once, my procrastination has payed off. Ann Christnacht Hilke says they are currently reworking the Deeds course. I'm waiting for it. Sign me up as soon as it's ready! Kudos to the National Genealogical Society for presenting excellent educational opportunities AND for working hard to stay hip!

Happy Friday!

Scrappy Gen
Let's Remember!


  1. Thanks for getting the word out. This is good news!

  2. Good news!More quality time in my jammies. -fM

  3. You're right about CDs. Plus you can't play them on a smart phone.


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