07 March 2011

Fearless Females: Single Mothers

What makes a woman fearless? Perhaps she is born fearless, or perhaps she earns her fearless title due to life's circumstances. Both my father's and my mother's paternal grandmothers earned their fearless titles the hard way. Both women, separated by time and family of birth, presumably fell in love, married, had children and then were promptly deserted. 

Irene Hammond

Catherine Grace

Both desertions occurred between 1910 and 1930. After the Who Do You Think You Are episode with Kim Cattrall, whose grandfather also left his family, there was some discussion among genealogists about fact that desertions were more common during this era. The evidence in my family sadly backs up this assertion.

My two fearless great grandmothers went on alone to raise these two kind, thoughtful and intelligent men and their siblings. 

Stanley Brainard, Son of Irene Hammond

Edward Smith, Son of Catherine Grace

These men my great grandmothers raised became, in their turn, good and loving fathers. It takes guts to be a single mother. Many of that era probably gave up some or all of their children. They could have chosen this path. It would have been easier. I am so thankful to my fearless great grandmothers, who met their challenges with strength and raised the men I remember with love every day of my life. 

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Let's Remember!

Lisa Alzo of The Accidental Genealogist offered us a series of writing prompts called Fearless Females to celebrate Women's History Month. Thank you Lisa! My posts might not follow your prompts exactly, but they will portray Fearless Females!

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