24 March 2011

Photo Edits: Color & Damage and Photo Clues: Hats

Here is one of my favorite photos of my great great grandparents, William and Anna Hill. 

Yes, it is faded, damaged and discolored, but I love the look on William's face. His eyes are smiling and he sports a dimple. Could it be that he is fond of the photographer? Perhaps he is just happy. William is wearing a boutonniere. He was always photographed in a suit, but the white bow tie makes me think that it might have been a special occasion. What do you think? 

Look what happens when I convert this photo to black and white using Lightroom 3

What I like about doing this conversion is that the subjects' faces pop and their personalities become visible. The down side is that all the pookies (this is a technical term) and damaged areas also pop! There is more than enough work in Photoshop Elements 9 for another day.

Just want to point out one more thing that I love about this photo. Look at the festive straw hat in the lower right corner. I love hats. My head is too big to wear them, but I love them anyway, especially because they are so helpful in determining the time period of a photo. Here are two websites for looking at old hat and hair styles; fashion-era for women and Fabulous Hats for men. 

When do you think this photo might have been taken? The note on the back mentions that it was taken in Beachmont, Massachusetts. It also suggests a date. Let's see who can get closest. Leave a comment below.

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