01 March 2011

Slide Scanning - FotoBridge Review

Got the goods, but first I must remind you that I am not being paid, nor was I asked to do this review. I am just really happy with my customer experience with FotoBridge and wanted to tell you about them. I did receive a discount for my first order.

Tonight I popped the FotoBridge CD into my computer. Two folders were available:

As I suspected it contained the JPEG and web ready images. The JPEG folder was 1.8 GB and the Web Images folder was 88.7 MB. 

Plugging in the hard drive, I found the TIFF Images folder, which contained 9.06 GB of data:

FotoBridge scanned a group of five slides at the three different dpi options they offer; 2000, 3000 and 4000 so that I could compare them here on The Scrappy Genealogist.
2000 dpi
3000 dpi
4000 dpi

This picture of me is one that I don't remember seeing before now, but it is significantly even cosmically sentimental to me. I started to tell you the story about this tree on the first day of my blog, but now I have photographic evidence that I got a few of those details wrong. More on that another day.

Here are closeups of each photo, cropped with Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, to make the comparison a bit easier:

2000 dpi
3000 dpi
4000 dpi
All three scans are crisp and clean with great color. I blew them all way up on my computer screen and you can even see my freckles. The only difference I can really find between them is that I think it would be possible to make larger prints from the larger files. That said, you can print a good 8 by 10 from the 2000 dpi file. As I mentioned here, I ordered the 3000 dpi version and I am satisfied with that, but next time I would probably go with the 2000 dpi. It looks sufficient to me and FotoBridge says as much on their website. What do you think?

These 500 new images are going to keep me busy for a while. I want to get them filed, show them to my kids and my husband, send some to my sister and cousins and share some of them with all of you too! Meanwhile, I am already thinking about which other slides I want to get scanned. Plus, I will be filing the slides that have come back in storage sleeves. I am just not ready to purge them yet. 

Hope this review was helpful.

Scrappy Gen
Let's Remember!

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  1. Tina at FotoBridge tells me that readers of The Scrappy Genealogist can still take ten percent off their first order. Just use the coupon/discount code of "scrappyten".


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