01 March 2011

Tech Tuesday - Slide Scanning - Got the Goods

The package of scanned slides from FotoBridge is in my hands. They were quick! Just about three weeks. Here is what I sent them

Here is what they sent me:

All of my careful slide groupings came back intact. I did NOT expect an external hard drive. This must have the TIFF format images on it. Perhaps the CD has the JPG and web ready images. 

What? Scrappy Gen, you haven't looked at the slide scans yet? Yes and no. I have had a sneak peak online at SmugMug where FotoBridge uploaded lower resolution versions of the scans, but I have not looked at the CD or external hard drive they sent. While I trust FotoBridge, any new item you add to your computer could carry a virus. It is good to be cautious and make sure you have a recent backup in place prior to making any additions or changes.

Luckily today is the first of the month and I received a reminder that it is Data Backup Day, courtesy of Geneabloggers. Before I load the new images onto my computer, I am off to perform my backups and do a little computer housekeeping. 

Later today I will let you know whether or not I am satisfied with the quality of the images from the scanned slides. From what I have seen so far, it looks like my review will be positive.

Happy Tuesday!

Scrappy Gen
Let's Remember!


  1. My husband just got a huge box full of slides from his mother and needs to do something with them...I will have to point him to your post!
    Theresa (Tangled Trees)

  2. How exciting! The 10% discount using "Scrappyten" is still valid. Jennifer


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