04 April 2011

Blog Awards

When I was a kid, I didn't play sports. Unless you count ballet. Is ballet considered a sport? Ballet certainly didn't help me at gym time when it came to picking teams. Yes, I was one of those last couple of kids waiting to be picked, as in, okay I'll take her. I was pretty much an athletic inconvenience.

Besides ballet, I twirled a baton and read books. If only reading were considered a sport, then I would have made it to the Olympics. I remember one summer reading program in particular in 1975 at the Storrs Library in Longmeadow, Massachusetts. The 200th anniversary of the United States was fast approaching and all things American Revolution were in vogue. For each book we read that summer, we received a tiny rifle with our name to put on a life sized minuteman chart in the library. I was so proud of my rifles. I think they put our names in the newspaper as well.
Other than those tiny rifles and a couple of ribbons for baton twirling, awards for sports did not figure prominently in my childhood. Today kids earn awards for everything, including ballet. All three of my kids have multiple trophies and ribbons adorning their rooms. It feels good to get awards and my kids display theirs proudly. 

Recently several kind readers have given The Scrappy Genealogist the One Lovely Blog award. Did you know that this award was created by an artist named Sara of Works of Art by Sara to honor lovely artistic blogs? How nice that these four readers felt my genealogical blog merited this award. And you know what? It feels good to receive it. Just like those tiny rifles years ago, receiving an award for doing what you love is nice. 

Here are the four lovely women, who presented me with the award:

Valerie at Family Cherished
Family Historian at A Couple of Whiles
Liz at My Tapley Tree...and its Branches
Joanne at Keeper of the Records

Scrappy Gen 1974 Longmeadow, Ma
Thank you ladies for thinking of The Scrappy Genealogist. Having visited your blogs, I know that you too share the genealogy bug! 

Happy Monday!
Scrappy Gen
Let's Remember
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  1. Count me in here, a Taekwondo lover ever since I was young. :)

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