08 April 2011

NERGC 2011 - Day 2 and a High Heeled Shoe

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Let's just call it what it was. Day two of the New England Regional Genealogical Conference was all about my unfortunate shoe choice. All I could think about were my feet and my heels and my toes. As you know my primary job is still Mom. Shoes with high heels are an impediment in my usual line of work. What does a Mom do when she goes somewhere where there are grownups? She puts on nice clothes and nice shoes, shoes with high heels. What this Mom forgot is that she doesn't know how to walk around in high heels all day anymore. My feet hurt so badly by the end of the night that I had to skip the SIG meetings and literally hobble back to my room. It wasn't pretty. Today you may see me wearing sneakers. My toes are so upset they may refuse to where any shoes at all. 

My advise to you is this: wear comfortable shoes to conferences. Seems like a no brainer, but apparently some of us still need to learn that lesson

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  1. I loved this post! I'm keeping my sneakers on for the banquet tonight. I hope no one peeks under the table!

  2. I will have my clunky clogs with my new cute outfit. Thanks Heather. I won't peak, I promise.

  3. Ugh, this was painful to read. I hope you found some relief. I'm all about the flat shoes. Comfort first!


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