21 October 2011

That's a Wrap on How She Does It - We All Do the Best We Can

WARNING: The following is rated S for sappy. It may be too sappy for some readers.  
                     Appropriate caution is advised.

Words have failed me. I have started this post approximately eleventeen times. I feel like I put out an empty rain barrel and it was filled up with love. I feel like every morning this week I had coffee with an old and dear friend, who held my hand and and told me her story so that I could better understand my own. What is with me? Is the moon full? I have tears prickling in the corners of my eyes as I write and think about how to put into words the gifts that have been presented through my blog this week. 

Six amazing women selflessly shared their stories, their secrets, their successes and their failures. How can I thank them? I am overwhelmed by their generous and kind spirits. Lots of you have left equally generous and kind comments on their posts, engaging in conversations and creating an incredible feeling of community and support. Here are just a few:

Stefanie at Ooph..."My house is a disaster most of  the time, therefore I must be an amazing woman!"

Walking Your Tree..."No one can be everything to everyone but you've obviously chosen who you need to be there for first and done it with aplomb" 

Nancy at Gathering Stories..."You're doing a great job balancing the craziness" and "yea Amy for keeping it real"

Tracy at The Pieces of My Past..."It makes me feel better to know there are other moms out there trying to juggle it all" 

Kathleen at a3Genealogy..."a fun way to get a reality check"  

Kristie at The Heritage Files..."good tips even for someone who just hopes to work from home someday" 

Valerie at Family Cherished..."how you approach life with young children is so practical and flexible"

Kimberly at about.com.genealogy..."this one definitely hit home for me" 

Hummer at Branching Out Through the Years ..."a feeling of I am not alone" 

Amy at Reconnected Roots..."this week has been lined up with nothing but superstars" 

Yvonne at The Mashburn Collection..."When I grow up, I wanna be just like you"

and finally from Just Plain Bill (Where's your blog? We would love to read it!)..."Many more will benefit from your remarks than will ever show up in these comments!!"

Genealogy and blogging can be a lonely business, but not this week. Thank you Amy, Caroline, Elizabeth, Jennifer, Kerry, Marian and let's not forget our geneadad, Philip. Because you were willing to tell us how you do it we all felt less alone, less isolated and more part of something bigger. 

Blogging is a two way street. You, the readers, are just as important as the writers. Thank you for visiting, thank you for commenting and thank you for being part of the geneamommybloggers great sharing event.

Before I close this series (but never the conversation), let's reminisce a bit about...large pots of coffee, sacred school hours and after school power hours, the laundry alarm, GroceryiQ or get it delivered, the person who helps you in the bathroom when you poop, planners and apps, bon bons and secret boxes of cookies, pants on the ground and the monstrous regiment of women. 

Yes, we are a monstrous regiment of women. And don't you forget it. It doesn't matter if we always do it all or even how we do it. As long as we remind ourselves as Jennifer Holik-Urban said to me today "I'm not alone in the various feelings I have about doing it all. We all do the best we can!" 

Remember. Showers are optional.

Have a wonderful week!

Scrappy Gen
Let's Remember!


  1. What a great series and reality check. :) Thanks again for asking us all to write for your blog. Now I'm off to find some coffee so I can make it through the day. :)

  2. This was a great series! I'm in awe of all these women accomplish.

  3. Thank you for doing this series. There was something in it for everyone. Well done Geneamommybloggers and dad too!

  4. Love all of the contributors posts! Great, great series!

  5. Thanks to you, Jen for asking me to contribute and for thinking of this series. Excellent idea.


  6. Great series - it's very comforting to know that we're all in the same boat, and if something doesn't get done, it's OK :-)

  7. Happy to know the series helped so many (me too). Loved the collaboration. Jen

  8. Just getting caught up with my reading, but had to say how much I enjoyed this series. Every post was a comfort and inspiration. Kudos to all!


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