14 September 2012

Traveling Back in Time - Hancock, Michigan - Part I

Hello friends. How was your summer? Did you do any genealogy traveling? We spent most of our summer on the road, in the air and on the water. I have thousands of pictures, documents, memories and notes to process. How about you?

In August we traveled to my father-in-law's birthplace, Hancock, Michigan. We were a small group, but it included three generations of my husband's family. That's his Dad in the middle. He just turned 91 years young. 

We took this picture right before we had dinner at Gemignani's Italian Restaurant. The restaurant has been a landmark in Hancock for many years, but more importantly it is housed in the same building where my father-in-law was born and where his family ran a kosher butcher shop. 

We traveled to Michigan, but it was more of a journey, a journey into our family's past and into my father-in-law's memories. It was a profound gift to have been part of it and I will forever be grateful.

Let's Remember!
Scrappy Gen


  1. I keep thinking I'm going to make a heritage album (even bought the book and pages and embellishments YEARS ago) but I stop in my tracks thinking that I don't have enough pictures. But this page shows how just a couple key elements can make a strong statement.

    1. And, Wendy, I don't even like to think about making an 'album.' It feels too daunting. I just do it a page at a time, both digital and paper, and then put them into three ring binders. Mine are 12x12, but any size will work! They are super easy to rearrange.


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