14 November 2012

POW-MIA Memorial - Portsmouth NH

In 2011 for Veteran's Day, I posted the names, birth and death dates and service information for soldiers who died during World War I and who are memorialized here in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. My fellow blogger, Heather Wilkinson Rojo, inspired me then and continues to inspire me now with her Veteran's Day Transcription Project, a digital memorial of the men and women from New Hampshire who have served our country. This is my contribution for Veteran's Day 2012. 

On the corner of South Street and Junkins Avenue there is an often overlooked memorial here in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. It is tucked away a bit downhill and toward the back of the small park.

The stone toward the front is dedicated 
"to all who served."
On its top are medallions for the different United States service branches; Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Coast Guard and Air Force.

POW-MIA You are not forgotten.

"This stone is dedicated to all 
POW/MIA's from New Hamphsire 
from all wars and acts of aggression 
against this great country."

Following are all names listed on this memorial:

Alloway, Clyde D.
Badolati, Frank N.
Burnett, Sheldon J.
Ganley, Richard O.
Hemlich, Gerald R.
Mulleavey, Quinten E.
Page, Albert L.
Pearson, William R.
Sullivan, Robert J.

Korean Conflict

Ackley, Phillip W.
Ashley, Francis A.
Bostford, Phillip A.
Brennan, John C.
Buckley, Arthur D.
Bullock, Elmer T.
Charles, Madison F.
Curley, George A.
Dick, Myron G.
Dubay, Gerald L.
Dunham, Leland R.
Flanders, Henry C.
Fleming, Frederick E.
Fletcher, Robert S.
Frazier, Reginald E.
Griggs, Benjamin J.
Hamlin, Elmer R.
Hedman, Robert S.
Hesseltine, Herbert A.
Hill George N.
Jordan, Paul H.
Kelley, John M.
Kendall, Warren O.
Labonte, Arthur R.
Leblanc, Ronald L.
Ledoux, Theodore W.
Robert H. Malloy [sic]
Mills, Bruce R.
Morin, Fernand, A.
Pelletier, Joseph N.
Richard, Elmer P.
Ritter, Wallace F.
Robillard, Joseph A.
Russell, Ernest F.
Sidney, Alfred H.
Smith, Harry S.

At the bottom of the memorial:

"The only thing that's worse 
than being a POW/MIA 
is to be a forgotten POW/MIA."

Dedicated by Squadron #6
Sons of the American Legion Portsmouth
November 2004

You are not forgotten!



If you have any questions, or would like a larger version of one of these images, please leave a comment or email me at jshoer [at] reconnectingrelatives [dot] com. 


  1. Jennifer,

    Thanks for posting this link to the Portsmouth Monument.

    Leland Dunham who died in a North Korean POW camp also fought in the Battle of the Bulge and was shot in the leg in action against the Fuhrer Grenadier Brigade. He was my father's oldest brother.

    Bruce Dunham

    1. Hi Bruce,

      Thank you for adding information about your Uncle's brave service to our country. He was a true hero.



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