18 April 2013

Why You Should Attend a Genealogy Conference

Good morning! I am blogging today from the New England Regional Genealogical Conference in Manchester, New Hampshire. The conference kicked off yesterday with two preconference events, Technology Day and Librarian/Teacher Day. I was working the hospitality table outside of these events and spoke with many attendees as they were exiting. The feedback for the two events was extremely positive.

Have you ever asked one of these questions? Why should I attend a genealogy conference? How can attending a conference help me to find my elusive ancestors? 

Here is why you should attend genealogy conferences:
  • Spend time with people who understand your obsession and who love to 'talk' genealogy.
  • Take classes from national and local genealogy educators.
  • Discover new record groups to further your research.
  • Learn how to squeeze every bit of information from the sources you already have. You will be shocked by what you have missed!
  • Break down brick walls with new research techniques.
  • Meet experts and get help during the Ancestors Roadshow.
  • Always learn something new! You will make a breakthrough when you take home what you have learned and apply it to your genealogy research.
Have I convinced you? Come on over to the New England Regional Genealogical Conference on Friday or Saturday. You can sign up as a day attendee and explore all that this educational event has to offer. 

Hope to see you here. 

Scrappy Gen
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