26 January 2014

Scrapbook Sunday - Sharing Memories - The Worst School Year Ever - Kindergarten

A Shy Little Girl
Imagine a shy little girl, eldest child, five years old. She lived in two countries and five homes before the age of three. Although shy she had successfully attended preschool for two years and had gradually gained some confidence in making friends and participating in groups. She was excited to start Kindergarten.

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First Day
Kindergarten visiting day arrived. The little girl wore her favorite dress. She entered to find a beautiful classroom with a large piano. The teacher instructed the students to find a seat. She saw a seat next to a girl she knew and went to sit down. That was the beginning of the end.

Doing Everything Wrong
Apparently the little girl did something wrong by trying to sit near her friend. She was loudly told by the teacher that she could not sit there and to move to another table. With this simple admonishment began a year of trying to please a teacher, who found fault everywhere. It was far too easy to do something wrong. Afraid to talk, the little girl received needs improvement grades and was referred for speech therapy. Who fails Kindergarten?

Finding the Good
Although the teacher was difficult, there were a lot of good memories from that year. The little girl loved to play with the blocks and the trucks and to color in the letter and number pictures. Snack and story time were always enjoyable as was recess, but music and piano time were not.

Blueberry Hill School
The little girl who was is me. I attended Kindergarten at Blueberry Hill School in Longmeadow, Massachusetts. Subsequent years were better. My Kindergarten teacher was older and probably old schooled. She decided to retire at the end of that year. Writing this I feel sad for her, even though it was the worst school year ever for me. 

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My First Best Friend
According to Google Maps, it was less than a half mile walk to school from my home. I thought it was much farther! My mother and sister walked over to pick me up after my first day of Kindergarten. On the way home, we met a mother and two daughters, who lived across the street from us. That was the day my sister and I met our first best friends. I remember shyly asking the girl how old she was and without saying a word she put up her hand with five fingers displayed. I was so happy she was my age. We became inseparable until the day I moved away in 1976. Meeting her was the best thing to happen in my Kindergarten year!

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