12 January 2014

Sharing Memories - First Grade - Scrapbook Sunday

The weekly genealogy writing challenge, Sharing Memories, is provided by Lorine McGinnis Schulze of The Olive Tree Genealogy. Thank you Lorine! My special twist on Sundays here at The Scrappy Genealogist will include a heritage scrapbook page for each post.

First Grade would have to be a better year than the Kindergarten year. I was looking forward to a new and hopefully nicer teacher. We would get to learn to read and we would be staying for the full day.

My teacher was Mrs. (or Ms. or Miss, my memory does not specify) Connor and she was an angel. She was young and did teach us to read. I loved the little readers that we used.

Every day I walked to school with my best friend, Allyson. Yes, dear readers, we walked...in the snow and in the rain. We wore rubber boots that fastened and we had neat bubble umbrellas. For the first part of the year we walked home and back again at lunchtime. After the lunchroom addition was built, we ate lunch at school. 

The one thing I remember not liking about first grade was a boy in my class. His name was H--- [name ommitted to avoid hurting anyone's feelings :)] and he was I am sure just a silly boy with a lot of energy, but he was the bane of my existence. He tortured me. He wrote W's on wheels all over my desk. He chased me home and threatened to kiss me. He talked to me a lot. I was shy and I remember getting into trouble for talking with him. Can you understand the torture my six year old Virgo self endured? Maybe torture is overstating the facts a bit, but as I write I am right there back at the metal desk trying to erase the W's. 

I don't remember this boy in any of my other years at Blueberry Hill School in Longmeadow, Massachusetts. Maybe he moved, or maybe he moved on to another girl. Despite this relationship, I do remember first grade fondly. 

Happy Sunday!
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  1. Oh I remember those bubble umbrellas. And I remember boys like H---.

  2. I guess H---- liked you! It was probably the only way he knew to show you :-)

    1. Most likely, but I just wasn't ready for a serios relationship. ;)


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