28 February 2014

Fishing Friday #52Ancestors August Ginter

August Ginter was my mother's mother's father, my great grandfather. He was born 1 February 1891[1] to August Ginter and Marianne (Bigalke)[2] in the area of modern day Włocławek, Poland.[3]  He died 21 September 1977 in Bristol, Connecticut in his adopted country, the United States.[4] At the time of his death, he was living with his daughter, Ruth, and her husband. My parents, sister and I had also been living with my grandparents for several months until August of 1977 when we moved to Providence, Rhode Island. I have always believed it was a gift that we were given this time with him before his death.[5]

August married Emilia Kiesel on 6 May 1914 in the Evangelical Lutheran Immanuels Kirche [church] in Bristol.[6] Together they had six children; Edmund born 1916,[7] Ruth [my grandmother] born 1917,[8] Helen born 1917,[9] Lydia born 1923,[10] Ernest born 1929[11] and Dorothy born 1938. All lived to adulthood, married and had children except for Dorothy, who passed away in 1939 at five months old.[12]

[Information about sources 1-12 available upon request.]

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Let’s Remember!

This challenge 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks is provided by Amy Johnson Crow of No Story Too Small  (Don't you just love that title?). I am jumping in on week three, which will be my week one, but I am omitting the number count in my title so as not to confuse anyone...or me. Thank you, Amy, for this challenge. Weekly recaps by Amy can be read here

As a bonus, because I am the Scrappy Genealogist, each of my posts will include a heritage page featuring my ancestor. Hope you enjoy them! Wondering about the 
Fishing Friday title? That's fishing for family Friday.

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