24 November 2014

5 Questions for Thanksgiving

Would you like some conversation starters for your Thanksgiving feast? After the chewing slows and before desert begins, try asking one of these 5 questions for Thanksgiving. 
  1. What is your earliest memory of Thanksgiving? Who was there? Where was it? What did you eat? 
  2. Which Thanksgiving was your favorite or most memorable and why?
  3. Did you ever celebrate Thanksgiving in an unusual way? How? 
  4. Who did the cooking for Thanksgiving when you were a kid? 
  5. Did you have any special traditions; a place you went or an activity you did?

These questions are great for learning about your family history or about your friends' lives. Telling stories brings everyone closer together. 

Happy Thanksgiving!

Jennifer Shoer aka Scrappy Gen

Let's Remember!

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