30 September 2016

It Begins in Poland: Traveling at the Speed of ... My Parents

Buckle your seatbelts! We are traveling at the speed of my parents. Oh, did you think that speed might be slow? Not with my parents. They may physically move at a slower pace than me, but they travel with the purpose and intensity of a rocket trip to Mars. 

We spent two weeks in Poland and Germany with a small day trip to Austria. During that time, we visited eight cities and numerous villages; researched our family in archives in Płock and Włocławek (Poland); spent time with six new (to me) cousins (ages 8 months to 95 years); crawled through overgrown cemeteries and the locations of long gone villages; and even did some sightseeing. 

My parents invited me on their nostalgic trip to Germany, where they began their lives together more than fifty years ago, while my Dad was serving in the U.S. army. True, they wanted some help along the way, but they enticed me with family research in Poland and new cousins. New cousins and dead ancestors. What could be better? 

Research on!
Jennifer Shoer aka Scrappy Gen

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