20 December 2010

Military Monday - Bubba the Sailor Man - Anchors Aweigh Part 1

What do you think? Do you think these pictures were taken on the same day? 

The two pictures look very similar, except for the caps. I wonder if they were issued two different types. 

I also wonder when the photos were taken. My premise is they were taken when he enlisted in March of 1944, but I don't have any proof yet.

Does anyone know of a resource for pictures of old navy uniforms? 

Thank you for looking!

Scrappy Gen


  1. if you go to http://www.history.navy.mil/branches/teach/hats/hats3.htm it will tell you they both mean enlisted. one is called donald duck, the other dixie cup. i think it is the same day, it looks like some garbage on the left of the pic. but is must have been windy because his tie has moved. hmmm.

  2. Great observations about the garbage and the tie. I am going to check out the website! Thank you for the tip.


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