21 December 2010

Tombstone Tuesday: Sarah Brisk - What was her father's name?

If you stand with your back to Jacob Shoer's gravestone:

you will see this gravestone, which marks the burial of his son, Mandel, and Mandel's wife, Sarah Brisk. 

Last week I mentioned that MJ's Bubbie, Sarah Brisk, and her two sisters give different names for their father, who is presumed by the family to be the same for all three. Bubbie's Ketubah (marriage contract) names her father as Yehuda Lev while her sister Ida, according to cousin Cathy, names her father as Aryeh Zev. This tombstone inscription gives Sarah's father's name as Aryeh Lev. Very interesting and perhaps a step closer to confirming that their father's name was Aryeh, but certainly not conclusive proof. Perhaps one of MJ's relatives will know who gave the information for her tombstone.

Here is a closer image of Bubbie's inscription:

If you have any thoughts about Bubbie's father's name, please post a comment. 

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Scrappy Gen

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