21 December 2010

reverb10 - December 21 - Future Self

Today's prompt for reverb10 is Future Self by Jenny Blake: Imagine yourself five years from now. What advice would you give your current self for the year ahead?

This is going to strain my brain. Imagine myself five years from now, when my oldest child has graduated from college and is living G-d knows where, my middle child has graduated from high school and is living G-d knows where and my baby is almost a senior in High School. I'm pretty sure I will be having a mid life crisis and may not be in any condition to give my current self beneficial advice. 

I really like life right now. My oldest is in college just twenty short minutes away and visits us frequently. The other two are in high school and middle school. We still have lots of noise and chaos around the house and that's the way I like it. Since things are going to be monumentally different in five years, maybe I better start preparing for it now. 

Note to self from future self; things are pretty quiet around the house. There isn't nearly as much laundry and a meal can be made from just one pound of chicken instead of two. Your son is so busy with his sports teams and college preparations that he is hardly ever home and you and MJ can go out on a date whenever you feel like it. Believe it or not, you are NOT having a mid life crisis and you are happy with life. Luckily, you planned ahead for what you would like to be doing with your life, all because of a fun writing prompt called reverb10.

Make a plan for the next two years for how you will improve your skills as a genealogist. It doesn't have to be set in stone, but having a list of goals is vital. Pick the educational courses and seminars that will augment your current knowledge and assist you in becoming a professional genealogist. Decide what your specialty(ies) will be. Picking one or two areas and concentrating on those will strengthen your resume. 

Five years from now you will be working full time as a professional genealogist because you have worked hard and stuck to your plan. Yes, your kids will be busy with their own lives, but you will be too. You will be doing what you love, helping others rediscover their family. 

Love Future Scrappy Gen

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  1. I am living a life similar to yours in five years. It is a big adjustment but there are compensations chief among them being grandchildren!
    Great blog btw. I love scrapping also and am learning the digital variety. Tons 'o fun!


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