14 January 2011

Follow Friday - Ancestor Approved Award

Two new geneablogging buddies recently sent me the Ancestor Approved Award begun by Leslie Ann at Ancestors Live Here
The first award was sent by Liz of My Tapley Tree...and its Branches and the second by ScrappinAnnof Ann's Scraps of Time. Thank you both for thinking of The Scrappy Genealogist. My blog is a labor of love and obsession, two words that probably shouldn't go together, but I think the combination works for genealogy. 

The award asks the recipient to list ten things learned about one's ancestors that have surprised humbled or enlightened me. It also asks the recipient to pass the award along to ten other deserving genealogy bloggers. Without further waste of words, here they are:

10 Surprising, Humbling or Enlightening Facts about Scrappy Gen's Ancestors

1. My great grandmother Ginter was not an only child, she had two siblings. 
2. My great grandmother Burrell was not born in England, but in Sommerville, Massachusetts.
3. My great great grandfather Hill was not born in England, but in Northern Ireland.
4. My direct from Ireland Grace ancestors took a two generation pit stop in Quebec. 
5. My great grandfather Smith was divorced before he met my great grandmother Catherine
6. Bubba saw action in the Phillipines.
7. MJ's Bubbie's family were not all killed in the Holocaust (although the majority were). 
8. MJ has unknown cousins from both sides of his family all over the United States. It's a wonder he didn't marry one!
9. I have unknown cousins from both sides of my family all over the United States. It's a wonder I didn't marry one!
10. As my son frequently reminds me, Mom, we're ALL related you know. 

10 Blogs for Follow Friday and the Ancestor Approved Award 
I have tried to choose blogs that have not yet received this award.
  1. GenealogyNEXT, The intersection of technology & genealogy: Joseph has a great sense of humor and shares interesting and useful technology information. I particularly liked 'Move it or Lose it'.
  2. Irish Genealogy News: This blog is connected to the Irish Genealogy Toolkit website, which contains a plethora of useful information and links. If you are looking for current updates on Irish research, this is a good blog to read. 
  3. An English Jewish Family's Quest for Their Roots: It may not be widely known unless you have found your own ancestors in England, but many Jewish emigrants from the Pale of Settlement arrived in England and stayed there. Several of  MJ's great grandmother Pauline's sisters did just that. This is a blog that will be interesting to follow. 
  4. Tracing the Tribe:The Jewish Genealogy Blog: Scholarly, informative, timely - all describe this must read blog for Jewish genealogy.
  5. JewishGen Blog: I seem to have a Jewish theme going, so I must include this important blog. If you want up to the minute news on what's newly available for Jewish research online, this is another must read. 
  6. Cemetery Scribes Blog: I'm just running with the theme now. Ran across this today. The Cemetery Scribes website has a database of cemetery inscriptions in the United Kingdom. The blog offers news about the website and other genealogical items of interest related to the UK.
  7. Synagogue Scribes Blog: This is a sister site to Cemetery Scribes. The blog provides information related to the main website, which offers a database of London Ashkenazi Synagogue records.  
  8. Oh Spusch!: Off theme now, but I just love the title of this blog and the fact that two sisters are coordinating their efforts to present their family history. They have created a visually pleasing blog and and interesting look at their family. 
  9. Adventures in Genealogy Education: Angela McGhie, the writer of Adventures, works tirelessly to promote education among both professional and novice, experienced and inexperienced genealogists. Her blog will point you to excellent educational opportunities including the ProGen Study Groups, which she began and of which she is the administrator. 
  10. Have You Seen My Roots?: Another blog the title of which I love! Cheryl Cayemberg has a good mix of personal family history and tips and tricks. In particular I enjoyed her report about the iGoogle home page.
I hope you will visit these worthy blogs (if you haven't already), do a little perusing and follow them if you find something of value for your genealogical research. 

Thanks for reading and hope you have a wonderful weekend! Happy Friday!

Scrappy Gen


  1. I just have to say thank you. :D My sister and I are thrilled there's someone out there looking at Oh, Spusch. We love doing it, and we've both learned so much, so we'd do it regardless, but it's still nice to see.

  2. I already posted my belated thanks to Twitter for the GenealogyNext mention but also wanted to add it here as well. And thanks for some ideas on other new blogs to check out!

    Happy Researching,


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