13 January 2011

Photo Clues for Genealogical Success - Mendel Shoer and Sarah Brisk Family Photo Circa 1915

The descendants of Bubbie Sarah and Zayde Mendel have turned out to be my most prolific readers, in addition to all of my wonderful new geneablogging buddies. Yesterday's post of the beautiful image of Bubbie Sarah brought a record number of visitors to my blog. To thank you for visiting, here is another picture that probably not all of you have seen.

Who: Standing on the left is Zayde and on the right, still as beautiful as ever, is Bubbie. Seated are Mendel's parents, Pauline and Jacob. Pauline is holding baby William. The eldest child standing is Leo. The young man behind them is Mendel's brother, known as Eli or Leo. He is holding Irving.

When: The photo was most likely taken sometime in the Spring or Summer of 1915. William, the youngest boy in the picture, was born in June of 1914. He looks to be assisted by his Grandmother Pauline in the sitting position, but he is wearing shoes, which would peg him as a walker. The next sibling arrived in 1916 and Bubbie doesn't appear obviously pregnant yet. 

Where: Leo, Irving and William were all born in Michigan as were the next four to follow them. Leo or Eli arrived in Michigan sometime after 1912 and, according to his World War I draft record, was still living there as a single man in 1917. Zayde's parents arrived in America in 1913 and headed to Michigan.The copy that I have does not indicate a location or a photographer, but the evidence suggests that this photo was taken in Michigan. 

Clues to Ponder: Here is a close up of the locket Bubbie is wearing:

and here is a close up of the locket her mother is wearing in this photo

What do you think? Do you think her mother gave Bubbie the locket before she left for America?

Scrappy Gen


  1. Oh, you are so observant! What a great detail!

  2. I just noticed that there is another piece of jewelry hiding to the left behind baby William's ear. It might be another locket, or as one cousin has suggested Bubbie is actually wearing a watch, it might be another watch.


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