04 January 2011

January Organization - Photo Challenge - Desktop

Just took the picture. Brave or stupid, not sure which would best describe my taking the photo with the goal of sharing it with you. I'm not sharing it today though. It will have to wait for later in the month, when I can take the after picture.

January is the month for cleaning off your desktop according to the checklist for January produced and shared by Ol' Myrt here. With the encouragement of a new acquaintance (blogger nickname Family Attic) I met Sunday night over in Second Life, I offer this challenge to other disorganized (chronically or temporarily) genealogists (and anyone else who would like to join the fun). 

January Organization - Photo Challenge - Desktop

  1. Take a before picture of your desktop area (mine is pretty scary).  
  2. During the month of January, do as much as organizing of this area as you can handle. Read the checklist mentioned above if you need ideas for handling the piles. 
  3. When you have done what you can (no need to be perfect), take the after picture.
  4. Post both pictures in a blog post with the title January Organization - Photo Challenge - Desktop. If you feel like it, tell us what was the most challenging part of the project and how you overcame it or are working on it.
  5. Email me at jshoer AT jenaly DOT com with a link to your blog post. 
Time to get busy with my mountain. 

Happy Organizing!

Scrappy Gen


  1. You've gotta post the messy desktop pic first -- then Ol' Myrt here MAY consider it! ;-D

  2. Uh oh, the gauntlet has been thrown. Maybe I will post a 'slice' early.

  3. LOL @ Myrt!!! I hear ya!! Too embarassed to show ya mine! I know where things are though. (well, sort of) LOL


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