05 January 2011

Wordless Wednesday - Mystery Photo

Possible Hill or Connor Connection
Photographed by Alex Asher - Dunfermline Scotland


  1. Have you lined up the Hill and Connor women by birth, graduation, marriage, and death to see who might just fit into the 1863 date?

    While not finding an exact match this way, you can eliminate those who don't fit into the date range.

    Let us know if you find anything.


  2. What a beautiful lady, gown and photo. I hope you can determine who she is.

  3. She is very beautiful, so beautiful and nicely dressed, that I can't imagine how she fits into my family. That said, I haven't done enough research yet to determine the Scotland connection. It's going to be a mystery for a while.

    Thank you for your thoughts. fm I love the idea of making a spreadsheet of the women to see if there is a fit for a picture.


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