12 March 2011

Procrastination Pays Off....Again?!

Really! I don't believe that my procrastination is a good thing! Actually it is my biggest shortcoming. But, then...along comes this Report of Death, sent to me from Ancestry by one of my Brainard cousins. Clarence is our shared great grandfather, who left his wife and two young children and went to Canada. Coincidentally or serendipitously, I shared a bit about our great grandmother Irene just five days ago as part of the Fearless Females series.  

Report of Death of American Citizen Abroad

The big surprises were that he was married to someone named Dorothy, that he is buried in Mystic, Connecticut and that he was registered with the Veteran's Administration. More clues to follow. Could he have had children? When did he serve in the military? 

For our twentieth wedding anniversary, MJ and I spent a week in Montreal. Before our trip I had researched the Montreal City Directories and recorded the addresses of the places Clarence had lived. There were no less than eight. The final address was listed on this report as his place of death.

Please don't think that procrastinating is a good thing and certainly Ancestry will not have everything we need, it just worked out for me this time. Yes, it payed off. I didn't have to spend money to order the death certificate, but I could also be sitting here waiting another 50 years. So, don't wait, order or go and obtain those vital records you need to validate your family's genealogy. 

Thank you to my cousin for sending this important document! I love cousins! Remember? Like siblings, without the rivalry. 

Happy Saturday!

Scrappy Gen
Let's Remember!

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  1. I am a procrastinator too! Glad I am not alone. It is nice when it pays off but most of the time it comes back to bite me so I am trying to improve too. Maybe all of us procrastinators should form a support group! :)


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