13 October 2011

My First Blogiversary - The Truth Revealed

Genealogical research is about building family trees. It felt fitting to begin this blog with the story of my favorite tree, a metaphor for my own family. Originally posted as the banner for my blog on 13 October 2010, I later changed it to a blog post on 22 October 2010. This tree and its story had been engraved in my memory from childhood...or, so I thought.

Find proof. I thought I had. My memory was proof, right? The answer is a definitive no! Thankfully no one cited me as a source on this one. When I received the slide scans from FotoBridge earlier this year, I realized my memory was invented. Invented! By me! Today, on The Scrappy Genealogist, I come clean and reveal the whole truth.

The Evidence

1. This flattering photo of two unhappy girls was taken in the fall of 1975. We were thrilled to be moving.

2. Bubba and me in the corner of our backyard in Longmeadow. He documented this day. My sister probably took this photo. You can tell because she likes to cut off feet in photos. Hi Mary! :) Take note of the handle. That is a clue.

3. This piece of evidence is the most damaging. What? What is that tree doing there, planted in the backyard in Longmeadow? I have no memory of this whatsoever. It sure made me feel better that my sister didn't remember it either. She has a memory like an elephant. She remembers things I wish she would forget, but I love her anyway.

4. My tree is obviously thriving in its final home in The Magic Backyard.

My little tree in September 2008. My how she has grown. Today she is watched over by my aunt, who took over the homestead after my grandparents passed away.

We all know that memories are to be taken with a grain of salt. Oral interviews give wonderful clues when we are researching our family trees. Frequently we are interviewing older relatives, but obviously this story teaches us to suspect even the memories of the younger members of our families. My sister has been telling me this for years and now I believe her. 

Thank you Bubba for being so present in our lives that you were able to recognize the importance of this tree for me and that you took the time to document its journey. I will love you always. 

Have a great day!


Scrappy Gen
Let's Remember!


  1. Wonderful reminder to us to check out before we jump to "I remember" as a source.
    Happy Blogiversary! Love your blog.

  2. Great story! I had a "pet" tree growing up as well. Happy Blogiversary!

  3. Great post and love the photos, especially that unhappy girls one!

  4. Lisa, Thank you. You are right. She is like a pet.

    JJT, Me too. Every time I look at my sister I get the giggles.


  5. Nice post and Happy Blogversary! The photos are terrific. Are these some of the slides you had reproduced digitally?

  6. Happy Blogiversary! It's amazing to be able to see how the tree has grown!

  7. Happy Blogiversary! What a terrific post for an anniversary present, only I felt like I got the present and you gave. Me thinks it should be the other way around. Congrats!!!!

  8. Happy Blogiversary to you! Super post for your anniversary!

  9. Oh my gosh, you were all very busy while I was sleeping last night. Thank you for all of the wonderful notes!

    Heather, All of the pictures except for the tree alone were scanned by Foto Bridge. I have nothing but good things to say about them.

    Carol, You made my day!

    Thanks again everyone. You have given me renewed energy to forge ahead!



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