26 November 2011

Saturday's Family History Scrapbooking Stars - 26 November 2011

Lost cousins unite thanks to Holocaust database and a family photo. Yad Vashem has a truly amazing collection of stories, testimonies, papers, resources and photos. One photo led to a reunion of the children of brothers, both Holocaust survivors, in Jerusalem. If you have ever questioned the time it takes to make your  photos and scrapbooks available to subsequent generations, you will never wonder again.

I Am Thankful for: absolutely gorgeous scrapbook page without pictures by Jenna at Desperately Seeking Surnames.

My Memories Suite Giveaway: Liz from My Tapley Tree...and its Branches shows us heritage scrapbooking made easy with My Memories Suite Software. Giveaway deadline: 27 Nov 2011at Midnight.

Three Generation Photo Transfer from Caroline at For Your Family Story. This scrapbook on wood project is part of the Simple Gifts Blog Hop. 

Plan to Be Remembered, Revisited from Jasia at Creative Gene offers excellent ideas for capturing our family history as it happens.

'Running amok' with scrapbooking by Judy Haggard in The Winfield Daily Courier: These Sassy Scrapblings meet once a month for three days to work on preserving their personal and family history!

Flip-Pal™ Simple Gifts Blog Hop – Family Tree Photo Collage: We've all seen these trees at the local Hallmark store and thought about getting one, well Julie did. The result is precious.

Gather Memories from Katie theDailyDIGI. asks you to 'make a game plan for how you are going to gather up the memories you want to document' and then gives you suggestions on how to do it.

Scrapbook a Funeral Card: Leslie Ann at Ancestors Live Here didn't call  it that, but that is what she did beautifully in her  Funeral Card Friday post.

Memory Books Keep Families' Stories Alive article in RapidCityJournal.com: Mary Copco, director of the Adams Museum & House, Inc., tells us "I think people get intimidated because they think, "I'm not organized enough" or "I'm not going to do it right." That's why I tell them to just do it." 

And of course, please visit the Family History Scrapbooking page to view the bloggers participating in Scrapbook Sunday. Tomorrow's theme is Thanksgiving. Give me a shout if you post.

Happy Saturday!

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Let's Remember!

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