27 November 2011

Thanksgiving Memories 1980 - Scrapbook Sunday

Were you able to capture memories of your Thanksgiving this year? As a family historian, I didn't do very well on Thanksgiving day. I should have handed my camera to one of my kids because I was so busy cooking, serving and making sure everyone was happy that I only took a couple of pictures. I have another chance tomorrow when we have a second Thanksgiving with my parents, sister, brother-in-law and nephew.

Yesterday I went hunting for pictures of Thanksgiving days gone by and I found one. One. It did however bring back a flood of memories of time spent with my paternal grandmother and great grandmother. 

all elements from Sweet November by Julia Makotinsky

Although I didn't always like to dress up for my grandmothers, I am thankful that I was lucky enough to know them into my adult years. There is something to be said for having to dress up and be on your best behavior. I learned the art of polite conversation and good manners. The reward? Stories...lots of stories.

Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Are you sharing a project for Scrapbook Sunday? I would love to see it. Let me know and I will come visit. 

Happy Scrapbook Sunday!

Scrappy Gen
Let's Remember!


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