28 November 2011

Stephanie Fishman - How She Does It - Secrets from a Geneamommyblogger

To say I am blown away is an understatement. Or maybe it is just that for some reason Stephanie speaks right to my heart. This is one of the often unwritten benefits of blogging. 

You. Meet. The. Most. Amazing. People. 

Stephanie is one of them. I love her and I haven't even met her. She lives in Ohio, but I hope we get to meet someday soon. She is constantly challenging herself to do her best and encourages me (and others) to do the same. Once you read her take on the Geneamommybloggers' series and the rest of her wonderful blog, Corn and Cotton: My Family's Story, you will want to meet her too. Go on now, head over there and read it. Then leave her a glowing comment! 

Happy Monday!

Scrappy Gen
Let's Remember!

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  1. Thank you so much for the kind words, Jen! I felt an immediate connection with you, too. Funny how we have so much in common it seems! You are so special, and thank you for blessing all of us Geneamommybloggers with everything that you do. :)


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