06 December 2011

Final Tablet Verdict - Nook, Fire or Streak - Tech Tuesday

Right up front, I will tell you that my mood is low. We have entered the gloomy season in New Hampshire and it is scheduled to rain for the next five days. So, take everything that follows with that in mind. I have my Happy Lite on, but it doesn't work immediately and certainly not in time to stop this rant. 

Is anyone else as annoyed as I am at the hype surrounding tablets this year? There are hundreds of new posts each day touting the pros and cons of the Kindle Fire, the Color Nook and Nook Tablet and of course the IPad. Enough already. I never should have set up that Google Alert for Nook Color and Kindle Fire. I. Am. Tired. Of. The. Noise. Let's just stop. Who cares if the Kindle Fire owns the world, or that the IPad groupies are building a moat. There are lots of good tablets, each of which will be happily used by some consumer somewhere. 

I have been promising you my 'final' decision on which device I prefer; the Nook, the Fire or the Dell Streak. Well, guess what, I like them all. Yes, you heard me right. They all work great, and I think you will be happy with any of them for reading, checking email and social media and surfing the web. Done. Go buy one and live happily ever after, but first if you need to read just a little bit more about this subject, below are my last few cents on why you shouldn't buy each device. Then figure out if you can live with the limitations and whip out your credit card (or better yet log in to Pay Pal) and click Buy Now. 

My Last Few Cents:
  • Kindle Fire power button is in a dumb place. Really dumb. Or I am. I hit it constantly.
  • Getting the home icon to appear on the Kindle Fire is a challenge for me, not so much for my twelve year old son. Go figure. 
  • Kindle Fire has no camera, forward or rear. So you can watch, but you can't participate. So don't try. 
  • Daughter bought text books through Barnes and Noble and they will not work on the Nook. That makes sense! 
  • How does B&N think they will ever keep up in the app department. Yes, the Nooks are nice and everything, but they have 1500 apps. Compare that to Amazon's 19000 apps. Does Google or Apple even know how many apps they have now? Why would anyone buy the Nook Color or Tablet? 
  • The Dell Streak has terrible battery life. Actually really, really bad. You will need to get the car charger and keep this baby plugged in all of the time. It lasts a few hours, tops. Other than that it is perfect. Does everything I want.
  • *Update 2:54 PM 6 Dec 2011 Dell Kills 7" Streak.  

So that's it. I hope Santa or Captain Chanukah brings you a tablet this year. Make sure you behave yourself!

The End.

Scrappy Gen
Let's Remember!



  1. I agree - they all have their pros and cons. I have an older Kindle which I love, but also use the Kindle app on my iPad quite a bit. My son has a Nook that he really enjoys.

  2. Thanks for your comments Lauren. There are so many neat technology formats out there, it is really hard for consumers to narrow down to the best one. The best one is what works for you and makes you happy. Glad you have found your bests! Jennifer

  3. Jen, I too start my day with a happy light. You need one stronger that 6000 Lux though! I bought one of these on doctors recommendation http://www.bio-light.com/lights.html. I hope you get the chance to spend more time in front of your light so that the world will look better!

  4. Thank you Leslie, I will check it out. My light is darn big and bright, but I am not sure how many Lux it is. Spent a little too much time today, strained my eyes a bit. Jen

  5. I LOVE my Dell 7 Streak that I got at the end of October. It does do everything well. But you are correct - the battery life sucks. Sorry to see it's been killed. Should be able to find a good price on it though.

  6. Glad you love it Janice. My kids are still after mine. They all want it if I switch to the Kindle Fire permanently. The car charger is still available on Amazon. I just picked it up.


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