18 December 2011

Scrapbook Sunday - Heritage Ornaments

Blog stalker is at it again. My secret obsession has been copying (again) Caroline Pointer at For Your Family Story. She used her Flip-Pal mobile scanner to create some unique heritage ornaments and I had to try them...with my own twist of course. Here are the supplies I used:

Supply List Below
The ornaments were tricky to find. The sympathetic and certainly not sarcastic gentleman at Michael's told me that next year I should start earlier. Really? However, I did find them online at Sunshine Discount Crafts. Make sure you get the glass disc ornaments and not the glass ball ornaments. Your fingers will thank you.

Step 1: Use a foam brush to Mod Podge one side of the ornament and sprinkle liberally with a very fine glitter. I used copper Martha Stewart glitter. Let dry.

Step 2: Print 9-12 photos on a piece of plain printer paper. Grab a circle punch (2 1/4") and cut out the faces. With a foam brush, Mod Podge the circle to the other side of the ornament. It worked best when I made a circle of Mod Podge, pressed the paper into it and smoothed it as much as possible and then finished with a coat over the top of the paper. Let Dry.

Step 3: With foam brush apply Mod Podge to the still bare glass areas up to the edge of the photo and sprinkle with the same fine glitter. It's okay if it goes all over the photo. You are going to clean it off later. Let dry.

Step 4: Clean the glitter off of the photo using a stiff foam brush. I used a stencil brush. 

Step 5: Is tricky. I used foil tape around the edge of the photo. It creates a nice frame and hides the messy edge between the photo and the glitter. Ribbon would work nicely for this purpose as well.

Step 6: I painted a thin coat of Stickles Rock Candy over the photo to add a little dimension and a little more bling. Mod Podge also makes a glitter version that would have the same effect.

The photo is of Bubba and my grandma. I love this picture of them and think my cousins will too! Thank you to Caroline for giving us this neat heritage project.

Happy Scrapbook Sunday Night!

Scrappy Gen
Let's Remember!

Heritage Ornaments Supply List
2 5/8" Glass Disc Ornaments
Glossy Mod Podge
Stickles Rock Candy or Glitter Mod Podge
Pictures Printed on Plain Printer Paper
Fine Glitter
Foam Brushes
Paint Brush
Foil Tape, Cord or Ribbon
2 1/4" Circle Punch


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