12 March 2012

ProQuest - Not Just for Librarians

Librarians have an arsenal of database programs to help you in your genealogical work. ProQuest is the business providing these essential genealogy research tools at many public and private libraries. Before using any database for the first time, learn what it contains and how to access it. Your local librarian would be happy to help you learn the ropes, but ProQuest has also made this job easier to accomplish before your library visit. There are brief introductory videos to the following products:
Detailed guides are available for the previous databases as well as the following:
ProQuest has an ongoing series of free (Yes, free!) webinars covering different aspects of both HeritageQuest Online and Ancestry Library Edition. Want more? Check out the ProQuest Genealogy page and the ProQuest YouTube channel.

Not all digital research tools are available at all libraries. Check your local library's holdings on the library website under digital products or simply ask your librarian. If your library doesn't carry the title you seek, check other libraries in your area.

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