17 November 2012

Mailbox Goodness and How to Save a Search on Ebay

We did not check the mail yesterday. Today we had a large bundle, which included two goodies.

The first was the Full Civil War Pension File for my great, great, great grandfather, Charles Everett Burr:

2012-11-17 10.18.44

The second was a recent ebay purchase, the Stonington CT High School yearbook for the class of 1927. Inside? My grandfather, Stanley Lamb Brainard.

2012-11-17 10.17.582012-11-17 10.17.36
How much would you pay for your grandfather’s high school yearbook? I paid $9.99 plus shipping. More than worth it for a family heirloom, don’t you think?

How to Save a Search on Ebay

Have you set up searches on ebay for your family artifacts? It’s super easy. Just go to ebay and enter a search for either an ancestral surname (if unusual) or an ancestral location.


I found this yearbook in the search results for Stonington CT. You will get more results if you search for items originating in your ancestors’ towns, instead of searching for specific surnames with towns. On your results page, look for the Save Search bookmark. image

The Save Search dialogue box will open and you will have the opportunity to rename your search and choose whether or not you would like to be emailed daily when new items are listed.

After you have discovered how easy it is to set up searches on ebay, try alterations on your subject. You might try Stonington alone, although you will get more results from the same named towns in Illinois and Maine. You can try Stonington Conn or Stonington Connecticut. Another possibility would be a street name with town as in Stonington Main Street.

Now it’s your turn. Received any mailbox goodness lately? Have you had success with saved searches on ebay? Tell us about it in the comments below. Every family historian should be taking advantage of this method of finding lost family heirlooms.

Happy Hunting!

Scrappy Gen

Let’s Remember!

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14 November 2012

POW-MIA Memorial - Portsmouth NH

In 2011 for Veteran's Day, I posted the names, birth and death dates and service information for soldiers who died during World War I and who are memorialized here in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. My fellow blogger, Heather Wilkinson Rojo, inspired me then and continues to inspire me now with her Veteran's Day Transcription Project, a digital memorial of the men and women from New Hampshire who have served our country. This is my contribution for Veteran's Day 2012. 

On the corner of South Street and Junkins Avenue there is an often overlooked memorial here in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. It is tucked away a bit downhill and toward the back of the small park.

The stone toward the front is dedicated 
"to all who served."
On its top are medallions for the different United States service branches; Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Coast Guard and Air Force.

POW-MIA You are not forgotten.

"This stone is dedicated to all 
POW/MIA's from New Hamphsire 
from all wars and acts of aggression 
against this great country."

Following are all names listed on this memorial:

Alloway, Clyde D.
Badolati, Frank N.
Burnett, Sheldon J.
Ganley, Richard O.
Hemlich, Gerald R.
Mulleavey, Quinten E.
Page, Albert L.
Pearson, William R.
Sullivan, Robert J.

Korean Conflict

Ackley, Phillip W.
Ashley, Francis A.
Bostford, Phillip A.
Brennan, John C.
Buckley, Arthur D.
Bullock, Elmer T.
Charles, Madison F.
Curley, George A.
Dick, Myron G.
Dubay, Gerald L.
Dunham, Leland R.
Flanders, Henry C.
Fleming, Frederick E.
Fletcher, Robert S.
Frazier, Reginald E.
Griggs, Benjamin J.
Hamlin, Elmer R.
Hedman, Robert S.
Hesseltine, Herbert A.
Hill George N.
Jordan, Paul H.
Kelley, John M.
Kendall, Warren O.
Labonte, Arthur R.
Leblanc, Ronald L.
Ledoux, Theodore W.
Robert H. Malloy [sic]
Mills, Bruce R.
Morin, Fernand, A.
Pelletier, Joseph N.
Richard, Elmer P.
Ritter, Wallace F.
Robillard, Joseph A.
Russell, Ernest F.
Sidney, Alfred H.
Smith, Harry S.

At the bottom of the memorial:

"The only thing that's worse 
than being a POW/MIA 
is to be a forgotten POW/MIA."

Dedicated by Squadron #6
Sons of the American Legion Portsmouth
November 2004

You are not forgotten!



If you have any questions, or would like a larger version of one of these images, please leave a comment or email me at jshoer [at] reconnectingrelatives [dot] com. 

03 November 2012

A Year on a Scrapbook Page

Would you like a simple scrapbook page idea for documenting a year or a piece of your family history? Inspired by an older kit from Ali Edwards, I gathered four photos of my sister and me from 1980 and created this page about the family story of our nickname:

Let's Remember! The Story of Our Nickname
I used Adobe Photoshop Elementsto put my version together. Every Day Life, the Ali Edward's kit was paper and I used it for my dear son:
Every Day Life, kit by Ali Edwards
There were so many pictures of my cutie from 2009 that I decided to add an extra page to coordinate with the first.

If you like the simple layout with space for up to nine photos, you can download my blank Photoshop file. It's free!

The key to putting a year on a page is keep it simple and easy. Don't try to find and organize every single photo for the year, just choose a few portraying a person, a place, a relationship or....the possibilities are endless. 

If you create a Year on a Scrapbook Page, please send me a link and I will add it for others to visit. 

Happy Scrapping!
Let's Remember!
Scrappy Gen

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