23 March 2014

Scrapbook Sunday - 52Ancestors - Emilia Kiesel

According to my maternal line great grandmother's confirmation certificate, Emilia [Emilie] Kiesel was born 20 May 1895 in Wistka Szlachecka, Russia [today Poland]. She was confirmed at Evangelish Lutheran Kirche Nowa Wies on 2 May 1909.1 She died 4 March 1974 in Bristol, Connecticut.2

She married August Ginter 6 May 1914 at Evangelical Lutheran Immanuels Kirche in Bristol.3  Together they had six children; Edmund born 1916,4 Ruth [my grandmother] born 1917,5 Helen born 1917,6 Lydia born 1923,7 Ernest born 19298 and Dorothy born 1938. All lived to adulthood, married and had children except Dorothy, who passed away in 1939 at five months old.9

Happy Scrapbook Sunday!
Let’s Remember!

This challenge 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks is provided by Amy Johnson Crow of No Story Too Small  (Don't you just love that title?). I am jumping in on week three, which will be my week one, but I am omitting the number count in my title so as not to confuse anyone...or me. Thank you, Amy, for this challenge. Weekly recaps by Amy can be read here

As a bonus, because I am the Scrappy Genealogist, each of my posts will include a heritage page featuring my ancestor. Hope you enjoy them! 

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