11 December 2011

Advent Calendar - Hanukkah Traditions

The most important Hanukkah tradition is lighting the candles. This is why most Jewish people do not decorate the exterior of their homes. Nothing should diminish or outshine the light from the Hanukkah menorah.

We light the candles 
  • to recognize the miracle of the oil that lasted for eight days instead of one
  • to remember those who have fought for our freedom
  • to celebrate the freedom we enjoy to worship however we choose
This YouTube video explains how to light a hanukkiah, or Hanukkah menorah. Menorah translates as lamp and can refer to many different types of lights, including one with seven branches. A hanukkiah has nine branches. 

After being lit, the hanukkiah should be set in a street facing window or doorway so that all can see its light. No work (i.e. dishes, laundry, etc.) should be done while the candles are burning. Having done both, I can share that sitting in a darkened room by the light of the hanukkiah has a similarly peaceful feeling to sitting in a room lit only by a Christmas tree. I love that about the December holidays. Peace and light are integral to many and make these dark days so much more bearable. 

Eight nights till Hanukkah! 

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Let's Remember!

This post is part of the Advent Calendar of Christmas MemoriesOther Traditions: Did your family or friends also celebrate other traditions during the holidays such as Hanukkah or Kwanzaa? Did your immigrant ancestors have holiday traditions from their native country which they retained or perhaps abandoned?

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  1. Sitting in the dark and watching the candles sounds lovely. Thanks for sharing!


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